Privacy Policy

Core Principles

Stikis will:

  • Only ask for information required to provide the service.
  • Always explain what the information is needed for.
  • Always provide opportunity for information to be withdrawn.
  • Not give the information to anyone else unless you tell us to or if we are required by law.

Long(er) version only asks for information that it needs to provide service to its users. What information it does ask will never be provided to a third party unless required to by law. Where we do ask for information, we will always try to make clear why we need it so you can decide whether it benefits you to provide it.

What stikis asks for

To use stikis you can register with stikis locally, or sign in with any OpenID identity. There is no difference in what different kinds of users can do, but the information that stikis requires of each is slightly different. The tables below list what we ask for for each of these kinds of users, along with an explanation of why.

For Local users

Login: Required We use this so we can uniquely identify you on the system.
Password: Required We need this so you can prove who you are and prevent unauthorised access to your information.
Email: Optional We need this so we can email you a new password if you forget it.

For OpenID users

OpenID: Required We use this to identify you on the system so only you can access and update your pages.
Nickname: Optional So we can identify you in a readable way. You can still use the service if you don't have this.

To withdraw your information

You can withdraw your information at any time. For now, please send an email to with details of the information you want to withdraw and we will update the system manually. In future, you'll be able to do this via your user page yourself. To check what information you have provided, visit your user account (login, then click on the link with your nickname).

In future

As features are added to the system, further information may be requried from you in order to access them. For example, if we implement a feature where you are able create stikis by sending an email to then we will need an email address. However, we won't ask for any extra information until we need it and you'll still be able to use the service as it is now without having to provide any more information.

We may also make changes to this document from time to time (eg, in the event that new features require extra information we will need to add explanations here for why they are needed. However, we will always retain the core principles of this policy as stated in the first section.

This policy was last updated on 24th February, 2009.